Xbox Series X Promises More Accessibility With Indicators for Visually Impaired Players

Published 10/11/2020, 8:53 AM EDT

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The largest competitors in the console market are going to launch their next-gen consoles the following month. These include the Xbox Series X and Series S, and the PlayStation 5. Therefore, both  Microsoft and Sony are trying to lure customers into buying their consoles. For the same, they are trying to offer many exclusive games, advanced features, and better customer service.

A lot of times when customers are confused between products, it is the little things that matter. At a similar price point, almost similar specs, and an equally large library of games, it could all come down to the looks and the feel. On one hand, Microsoft has tried to deliver very minimalistic consoles with the Xbox Series X and Series S. However, Sony has gone with a more futuristic and eye-catching look.

On taking a closer look at the next-gen Xbox models, we see that Microsoft is all-in on customer satisfaction.


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No more fidgeting to find the right ports on Xbox Series X and Series S

Microsoft sent non-functional design prototypes to big tech YouTubers as a part of their market strategy. These YouTubers uploaded detailed design reviews of the console.

In these reviews, one can see that Microsoft has placed tactile markers on the backside of their consoles. They have placed these markers along with the ports available in the console. All the ports such as USBs, storage expansion, HDMI, ethernet, etc., have different markers for identification.


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The markers will make it easier for visually impaired users to identify the ports. Moreover, who doesn’t get frustrated trying to reach the back of their consoles and not being able to find the right ports? The pain of fidgeting around for the right port and then inserting the cables is very much real.


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Therefore, it is visible that Microsoft has not just focused on the appearance but has also managed to take care of the practical aspects through the design. Until we get a closer look at the PS5 arrives, it appears that the next-gen Xbox consoles have a point in their bag.


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