xQc Calls Out Magnus Carlsen Following His Comments on Ludwig and Pogchamps

February 22, 2021 11:04 pm

Pogchamps 3 has become an instant classic ever since the tournament began over a week ago. The tournament, which is in its third edition, has famous internet personalities and streamers compete in chess matches. One such streamer is Felix “xQc” Lengyel, who is currently on a roll in the tournament. However, the 25-year-old wasn’t happy when the game’s best felt different about the tournament’s best player.

xQc fires shots at World Number 1 Magnus Carlsen

Pogchamps 3 ended their group stage matches on February 21 after Ludwig defeated MoistCr1tikal, finally avenging his defeat from Pogchamps 1. The current edition of the tournament has had a surprising player in xQc, after the Canadian swept Group B with 3 wins. His wins came against Poker star Daniel Negreanu and over streamers, Rubius and Pokimane.

In this photo taken Monday April 29, 2013 Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen smiles during a press conference in Oslo. Carlsen has brought an injection of cool to the normally sedate world of global chess. And the 22-year-old’s home country is buzzing with excitement as he competes in a tournament here months before he tries to crack the greatest prize in the game: the chess World Championship. (AP Photo/Erlend Aas, Scanpix, File) NORWAY OUT

After a very successful group stage for Felix, he currently ranks among the favorites in the tournament. But he wasn’t happy to find out that World Number 1 GM Magnus Carlsen fancied his chances with fellow streamer, Ludwig. Along with that, Felix didn’t seem to like his comment about the chess gameplay in tournament being beneath him, which lead to him firing shots at the Norwegian’s poor form in tournaments. In a hilarious comeback, Felix blasts tells Magnus that he wouldn’t have such poor games if he had seen the Canadian play.

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Ludwig ecstatic over Carlsen’s backing

The comments from Felix arrived after Carlsen has had a rather surprising run of terrible games. The World Number 1 lost to fellow GM Wesley So in the Open Euro Rapid Event. While Felix was unhappy with the snub, Ludwig was over the moon after he realized he had the backing of the world’s best player.

Carlsen’s comments about Pogchamps were rather positive because of the exposure it gives to chess. Many chess players and fans were unhappy about a tournament like Pogchamps that takes the spotlight away from the professional game. Fellow GM Ian Nepomniachtchi expressed their disinterest for the tournament calling it “popcorn stuff”. But GMs such as Nakamura and Carlsen praised the tournament for bringing a larger audience to Chess.

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