“xQc Isn’t Really Good at Games Right?”- Shroud Reacts to xQc Stream Sniping at Twitch Rivals

November 18, 2020 11:26 pm

The streaming world was shocked when they learned that xQc was caught stream sniping at Twitch Rivals Fall Guys event. What was even more shocking was that xQc admitted to stream-sniping at the event which made things messier. Clearly, the internet did not like it and tore into xQc for doing so. Although, there were other big-name personalities in the game who were probably angrier than the viewers. One of them was Shroud, who was probably annoyed the most with this.

In a Twitch clip, he even mentioned how this was unacceptable and how ‘no big partner has ever done this’. Stream-sniping is obviously frowned upon and doing so at a high-profile event like this is clearly unacceptable.

Shroud reacts to xQc’s antics at Twitch Rivals

Now, in a recent video on YouTube, Shroud has revealed some additional footage of him reacting to xQc’s stream. He is seen discussing xQc’s questionable tactics in the game and finds out that he is indeed stream sniping. Take a look at the video below to see what he wanted to convey:

In the video, he goes on to say that the “We don’t care that much about the money of course. It’s just more so integrity, that’s it.” Clearly, none of these streamers really require the money considering they are already Twitch partners and will be compensated handsomely.

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Nevertheless, this was definitely a ban-worthy move by xQc and Twitch will be looking to take some action. Shroud himself was confused as to what action will Twitch take. He said, “I guess they would just have to look at other people in the past and then just treat him the same way.”

Twitch still hasn’t given a reason for Dr Disrespect’s ban. Considering that xQc has made it publicly clear that he is at fault, it should be easy for Twitch to make a decision here. The only question that remains is what will be the length of the ban?

xQc is not the biggest Twitch personality but is definitely among the top dogs. Twitch has an important decision to make here and no matter what happens, the consequences will be severe for xQc.

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