xQc, Ludwig, Hasanabi and Others React to The Last of Us II Dominating the Game Awards

December 12, 2020 8:53 pm

The Last of Us II dominated The Game of the Year Awards by taking home wins in 7 categories. The post-apocalyptic title entered the show as a favorite to bag the game of the year title, but for sure had some tough competition.

Naughty Dog pushed the date of release several times because of the ongoing pandemic. But the game has received a lot of praise for its storyline, gameplay, and mind-bending visuals.

While the devs were at home celebrating their victory, social media was painting a rather different picture. The community held the view that the awards were unfairly favoring Naughty Dog.

Several other titles blew our minds away this year, but only a handful made it to the final list. This disappointed certain sections of the community. In the same way, several streamers, too, reacted to The Last of Us II bagging the game of the year award ahead of other exquisite titles.

Streamers react to The Last of Us II bagging the game of the year award

xQc is one of the more popular streamers on the scene. We know him for his outspoken personality, but also for his interactive gameplay. He, too, followed the events.

Out of the six titles contesting for the award, Doom Eternal was one. A fan of the game, xQc said, “unfortunately, because of style and whatnot, Doom can’t win this.” 

The popular streamer was torn between Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us II but agreed that the latter was uncontested this year.

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Ludwig, on the other hand, had a rather obvious choice. “Dude The Last of Us II just gotta win,” he said and sounded pretty confident over his pick. He went on to say that The Last of Us II was phenomenal and everyone had played it.

The title had a completion ratio of over 58% a couple of months back, which is more than titles like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man. It is safe to assume that this number will have only gone up.

Hasanabi too, sided with TLoU II but doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director of Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us II made an enormous mark on the players and voters the other night. Not only did the game upend traditional notions of video game characters but also has been the frontrunner in attaining accessibility for all, which is an essential step for the video game industry.

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