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Yair Rodriguez Gets Emotional While Crowd Throws Trash into the octagon at UFC Mexico

Yair Rodriguez Gets Emotional While Crowd Throws Trash into the octagon at UFC Mexico

Jeremy Stephens

Yair Rodriguez was the part of the main event in UFC Mexico along with Jeremy Stephens. this was a very intriguing fight since Rodriguez had a spectacular knock out against the Korean Zombie in his last match. The crowd was expecting something similar in this fight too.

However, the fight ended with an anti climax as Jeremy Stephens could not able to continue after he suffered a bad eye poke 5 seconds into the first round.

Although it was unintentional, Jeremy Stephens was badly hurt. “H got me good” said Stephens to the referee Herb Dean. though Dean tried his best for the fight to continue and gave Stephens full 5 minutes to recover, the fight ended in a no contest. Stephens was not able to open his left eyes even if he tried his best and the doctors ringside cancelled the fight.

This made the crowd angry and rightfully so as this was the main event of the night. The crowd threw cans and bottles into the octagon. Jeremy Stephens was escorted to the back safely. Inside the ring, the hometown hero, Yair Rodriguez got emotional and broke into tears. He was seen trying to jump the octagon in an attempt to calm the crowd down but he was stopped by the security available the ringside.

Yair Rodriguez apologised the crowd in his post fight speech and acknowledged the hard earned money they all have spent to watch him fight. However, he also promised to fight Jeremy Stephens whenever he is read in the future. Both Jeremy Stephens and Yair Rodriguez has spent a meaningful period training for this fight and it was heartbreaking to see the fight ended in a way it ended.

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