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Yaya Toure to Inter Milan?

Yaya Toure to Inter Milan?

Reports say that Roberto Mancini has told Inter Milan to look for a new signing in the form of Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure.

Mancini has managed Toure in the past and the duo do have an FA cup as well as a Premier league title under their belt.

Presently, Inter Milan are prepared to offer Yaya Toure a five-year contract to lure him away from Manchester City this summer.

Despite the fact that Toure turns 32 next month, Mancini has shown grit and offered a 5 year deal to the City star which would be substantial for a player in his early 30s.


It’s pretty evident that Mancini feels that Toure might very well be the missing brick in the wall and the sizeable contract he has offered is a clear indication of the same.

City want to keep Toure, who currently earns £220,000-per-week, and will offer him a new contract at the end of the season, which will also include the opportunity to take up an ambassadorial role at the club when his playing days are over.

But Inter will test City’s resolve to keep Toure this summer and hope the prospect of a long-term deal will be enough to persuade the former Barcelona to leave England.

What ensues will be of particular interest to soccer fans.

Source: Mirror UK


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