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Yograj Singh calls N Srinivasan as MS Dhoni’s Adopted Father

Yograj Singh calls N Srinivasan as MS Dhoni’s Adopted Father

Yograj Singh calls MS Dhoni 'filth'

Yograj Singh, father of former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, has never left an opportunity to take a dig at former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Most recently, he had blamed Dhoni for Rayudu’s retirement. In the latest turn of events, Yograj Singh said that Dhoni was the reason his son Yuvraj along with Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir lost their place in the Indian team. He referred to the then BCCI president as Dhoni’s adopted father and slammed the pair for wrongly utilizing their influence in Indian Cricket.

“When his ‘adopted father’ N Srinivasan was at the helm, what all didn’t he do? After in 2015, Dhoni dropped Yuvraj Singh using his influence and also dropped Gambhir and Sehwag who could’ve played at that time. He reasoned their fielding and fitness for dropping,” Yograj Singh said while speaking to NNIS Sports.

Yuvraj Singh, who was diagnosed with cancer after winning the 2011 World Cup for his team, made a stunning comeback into the Indian team later. But he eventually struggled for form and fitness and was dropped from the squad. His father, Yograj Singh though believed that MS Dhoni was the reason behind Yuvraj Singh not included in the Indian team. He had also previously blamed Dhoni for his son’s retirement.

Yuvraj Singh with his father Yograj Singh

Yograj Singh further went on to blame MS Dhoni for losing the 2015 World Cup semi-final against Australia as well.

“Why did we lose 2015 World Cup semi-final? Because of Dhoni. Why did we lose 2019 World Cup semi-final? Again because of Dhoni. What is the reason for India losing in the semi-final of the consecutive World Cups?” the 61-year-old further said.

All the attention now might be on Dhoni’s retirement, but Yograj Singh continues to try and defame the former Indian captain. The speculations of MS Dhoni’s retirement that came up during the course of the tournament have died down and another possibility of Dhoni playing till the next year’s ICC World T20 is not discarded.

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