“You Cannot Imagine How Much” – Next-Gen Star Excited to Play US Open 2020 Despite Coronavirus Scare

August 21, 2020 9:16 pm

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the tennis season was suspended for almost 6 months. Now, it is finally returning with some of the biggest events like the US Open. Right before the tournaments, Andrey Rublev talked about the pandemic and how he is feeling right now. Here’s what the World No.14 said.

Andrey Rublev Excited About US Open

In a recent interview, Andrey Rublev talked about the suspension of tennis. He missed the sport a lot, but he admitted that he could not complain as everybody was suffering due to the pandemic. He said,

“All the world was in the same situation so, I am one of these persons who cannot complain at all. If you compare with normal people, you cannot complain. The people in the world struggled much more. It was not easy for millions of people because they were losing jobs, they did not have enough money to live a life. So, for sure, I am not the one who can complain. I put myself on aeroplane mode with a poker face and now finally I start to have emotions, I start to feel happier. Now, finally, we’re back, finally, we’re here. I was missing this, you cannot imagine how much.”

The Russian was not the only one who missed tennis. There are millions of fans around the world who were waiting for the sport to return, and finally, it has. The main draw of the Cincinnati Open starts tomorrow and Rublev is preparing to do very well there.

The Cincinnati Open brings back some great memories for Andrey Rublev. Last year, he did extremely well as he beat one of the greatest players of all time – Roger Federer. Sadly, he lost in the quarterfinals to eventual winner Daniil Medvedev, but he is going to make sure that it does not happen this time. Hopefully, he will win the tournament this year and also the US Open, which comes next.

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