“You Can’t Think a Situation Is Stupid If You Don’t Have the Information”: Shroud on Dr Disrespect Ban

November 14, 2020 5:01 pm

The Dr Disrespect Twitch ban was one of the biggest incidents in the streaming community in recent times. The incident was shocking, to say the least, and is still the center of countless discussions. Twitch has, of course, received a lot of hate for banning streamers without providing a public reason.

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Recently, Shroud talked about Doc’s ban on his stream. However, unlike a lot of other streamers, Shroud took a relatively neutral stand about the scenario. The community is majorly mad at Twitch because it banned a huge figure like Doc abruptly, without providing a reason to the public. Here is where Shroud’s viewpoint comes in. And to be frank, the aim-god makes a lot of sense with his logic.

Shroud shares his two cents on the Dr Disrespect ban issue

One of his viewers called the whole Dr Disrespect-Twitch thing “f—ing stupid” on chat.  Shroud readily disagreed with the statement and said that the lack of information about a subject does not make it stupid.

“You can’t think a situation is stupid if you don’t have the information. That makes no sense, at all… There’s no way anyone can truly form an opinion about something like that and something that serious because there’s nothing to go off of.”

As for Twitch keeping it a secret, Shroud says that it is causing people to assume the worst, which is certainly true. People have been speculating what the reason could be, and why it is being kept top secret. But Shroud points out that in all possibility, Doc did get a reason from Twitch for his ban.

Moreover, Twitch has every right to not publicly disclose the details of why they ban someone.

“It’s between those two entities, not us. We don’t have a right to know. Only the people involved do. That’s how I see it anyway.”

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