“You Have To Be Happy In Your Own Skin”- Maria Sharapova

Russian champ Maria Sharapova is a source of inspiration for tennis aspirants and young girls all around the world. In a career that started in the nascent years of her life, Maria Sharapova has achieved incredible milestones despite facing many setbacks.

However, what helps Sharapova in becoming her empowered self? She reveals in an exclusive interview to Gulf News.

What Does Maria Sharapova Do To Empower Herself?

Maria revealed the secret behind her strong character and independent image. She faced many roadblocks like recurring injuries and a controversial doping ban. However, the Russian star emerged as a better person.

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“I think it’s so important to be yourself in a world where we’re influenced by so many people and by so many things. Sometimes we lose track of what we care about and conform to others. But ultimately you have to be happy in your own skin and that is something I’ve really prioritized to make sure I feel empowered.”

Maria also revealed the advice that she would give young girls to improve their confidence.

“There will always be ups and downs, but don’t let those rough patches discourage you. There is so much you can learn from those moments, often even more than when you’re winning. It’s all a part of the journey so don’t forget to enjoy and learn from every moment, whether good or bad.”

Sharapova is not just an accomplished sports star. She is also a businesswoman and owns her own candy line called Sugarpova. Obviously, her advise is like pearls of wisdom for those listening.

Talking about her game, not all is going well for Maria Sharapova. The Russian was knocked out in the first round of the Brisbane open by a qualifier. In fact, even her shoulder is not perfectly healed yet.

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The expectations are low at the Australian Open. However, her fans will be hoping against hope and wishing that Maria Sharapova wins another grand slam.

Do you think Maria Sharapova can win another grand slam?

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