“You Need to Go to the Barbershop”- Stefanos Tsitsipas Makes Fun of Karen Khachanov

July 12, 2020 9:44 pm

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been no professional tennis in months. This is why some players have decided to take a vacation and Russian tennis star Karen Khachanov is one of them. He went to Greece and hence, he asked Stefanos Tsitsipas to show him the country. Check out what was the Greek Star response.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Trolls Karen Khachanov

As you can see in the above twitter post, Stefanos Tsitsipas was responding to Karen Khachanov asking him to show him his country. Since the Russian looked like he did not have a haircut or a shave, the Greek star told him that he only needs to visit the barbershop.

This Twitter post did not go unnoticed by the Russian star. He said that he is surprised that Stefanos knows what a barbershop looks like as he has very long hair. He also said that he is waiting for the Greek Star so that they both go to the Barbershop together.

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Tennis fans will be enjoying seeing fun banter between tennis players like Tsitsipas and Khachanov. However, they would prefer seeing them both playing a tennis match against each other as there has been no tennis in months. But, that is going to change soon.

The ATP recently released a revised schedule for the remaining tournaments in the 2020 season. The season is going to start on August 14th with the Citi Open and then the Cincinnati Masters before the US Open. However, many players have expressed concern over playing the US Open due to the many restrictions.

Tsitsipas and Khachanov have not talked about whether they will play the US Open or not. But everyone is going to be hoping that they will and more importantly, they will be hoping that one of them wins the title so that the reign of the ‘Big 3’ is finally broken.

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