“You Stay in a Bubble and Shut up” – Noah Rubin Takes a Dig at Players Voicing Concerns Over US Open

July 16, 2020 10:00 pm

Just six weeks left for the US Open. So plans to start player practices have begun. But still, many players are speculating whether the US Open should be held or not.

Due to the pandemic, the USTA has set up some strict protocols. There are regular checks. Also, players are allowed to go to two places, that is the Hotel and the Court. But the reduced entourage is troubling the top players.

“If the US Open doesn’t go ahead, the tennis ecosystem is in a really messed up place” – Noah Rubin

In an online show called Major Points organized by Tennis Majors, Noah Rubin spoke about the US Open preparations and why it’s crucial. He also understands that the US Open needs to happen because the whole tennis ecosystem needs money to function.

“The actual procedure they are taking is insane. And it’s incredible they thought about some things. If the US Open doesn’t go ahead, the tennis ecosystem is in a really messed up place at that point. That’s where they get their money from. I don’t know if it’s worth the risk.” Noah said

He also spoke about the entourage. Nowadays many top players have huge support staff. But due to the pandemic, the US Open has limited the number allowed. So some players are having issues. Rubin wants players to adjust. Players should stay in a bubble and not break the rules. Rubin suggests players stay with a few people and not break the bubble.

“If you have the opportunity to make $4 million dollars, you stay in the bubble and shut up. If you have the ability to make this money during a pandemic – we are putting this on during a pandemic – shut up,” he said

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Rubin didn’t like the idea of players coming with huge support staff. And he wanted tournament organizers to not be intimidated by their concerns. Because of the top players, the tournament shouldn’t be threatened.

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