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“You think I’m in control of 100,000 people? What am I God?” Tfue Reacts After Fortnite FNCS Practice

“You think I’m in control of 100,000 people? What am I God?” Tfue Reacts After Fortnite FNCS Practice

Last night Tfue was streaming Fortnite on Twitch, practising for FNCS. We all know how frustrating it can get when our favourite streamers get stream-sniped. It ruins the game for both streamers and viewers. On this stream, they were playing duos and were killed at The Grotto. Apparently OopsRekt and StarvingAiden stream-sniped Tfue.

Oops, and Starving are a part of the StarvingHuslers Gaming. Soon after Tfue claimed to snipe, StarvingHustlers released a statement on Twitter. The tweet talked about how Tfue is irresponsible as an influencer; his influence over kids can leave a negative impact. Stream-sniping is extremely unethical, here is what SypherPK had to say about it.

What Do We Know Up Till Now?

Starving Hustlers posted a video with conclusive evidence of their duo landing at Grotto throughout their practice. They also showed the math where Tfue started dropping their couple of weeks after Oops and Starving. That did give us some clarity, but that is not all there is. They also claimed that Tfue is shedding hate unnecessarily. 

How Did Tfue Retaliate About This Match In Fortnite?

In order to defend himself, Tfue started with a few simple things. He first compared Oops and Starving’s record with his. “Oh sh*t, they got zero kills in six games, and we just started landing there”, he sarcastically said this. We cannot blame him as he died to Oops and Starving, so that gave them two kills in seven games at least. 

He followed that, with a threat saying that players should not drop with him in the same zone. He also treated them as if they were insignificant players. That was a little harsh from someone who is as established as Tfue. “Who is this guy, bro? Shut the f**k up”, said Tfue. Now any young member of the gaming community would be negatively influenced by this. 

Tfue also clarified his stance by saying that he is not responsible for the people watching him. He said that his followers would take it personally if Tfue gets targetted. “You think I’m in control of 100,000 people? What am I, God?”, although this sentence seems legit, one has to realise that attitude makes all the difference. 

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