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You’ll miss Mourinho after you read his interesting quotes on the game

You’ll miss Mourinho after you read his interesting quotes on the game

Jose Mourinho

Oh Jose. After his dismal performances in the League,his sacking did not really come as a surprise to anyone. Knowing Roman Abramovic’s crazy fetish of sacking managers and the self-pride Jose holds, he would have been thinking on the same lines. Despite his terrible form, though, fans always stood behind him. They supported the special one through his fall and solely believed that it was the team and not him which was responsible for their position in the league table.

None-the-less, it would not be just the Chelsea fans who would be missing him. He is so infamous for his antics on the pitch and the press conferences that it comes as a surprise when he behaves normally! Known for his quick wit and sharp tactics, here are some of his best quotes which would surely remind you of  his wacky times in the Premier League with Chelsea!

1.  “Ricardo Carvalho seems to have problems understanding things, maybe he should have an IQ test, or go to a mental hospital or something.”
From http://chelseaseason.com/
From http://chelseaseason.com/

Ricardo Carvalho and Mourinho go a long way back, from Porto to Chelsea, and even share a common Real Madrid! Even when he had been managing a player for oh-so-many years, he could not stop himself from being blunt with his team or the press. And he did quite the same with Ricardo.

Ricardo Carvalho, arguably one of the best defenders in Chelsea history, was not happy with his exclusion from the team in the opener of the 2005 season. He took his turns to criticize the manager for not giving him a chance, and Mourinho did not  take that as a bitter pill. He rather replied back in the spectacular fashion. He also went on to say- ‘He has worked with me for four years [at Porto] and I do not understand these quotes, he probably needs to see a doctor.’ You just don’t mess with this Portuguese man.

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