Max Verstappen
A young Max Verstappen

Every Formula One driver has to start their career somewhere before playing with the big boys. The very bottom of the rung is karting and every driver in any 4-wheel racing series has raced in karts. Max Verstappen is no exception and even had his father, Jos to help him rise up the ranks.

Recently, a video surfaced which showed a young Max Verstappen helping his father assemble the kart. After the assembly, the young Dutch driver hopped in and made his way to the grid.

From that point onwards, it was business as usual as Verstappen raced with his fellow drivers. Meanwhile, his father, Jos Verstappen watched on while his son laid bare his talent for the world to see.

Now, fast-forward to several years later and Verstappen has made it to the big leagues. The Dutchman now races for the Red Bull Formula One team and has been very successful. Only recently, he racked up two wins this season and recorded his maiden pole position, at the Hungarian Grand Prix.