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“You’re a Racist”- Fortnite Battle Royale FNCS Feud Takes Unpleasant Turn

“You’re a Racist”- Fortnite Battle Royale FNCS Feud Takes Unpleasant Turn

The ongoing Fortnite Battle Royale Championships Grand Finals is entertainment for us fans in itself. The two-day Grand Finals will feature six games each on Day 1 and Day 2. Game 5 gave us more entertainment than we had hoped for initially, with additional drama involving two popular pros.

Fortnite Battle Royale FNCS drama unfolds

In a competitive tournament like Fortnite FNCS, especially the Grand Finals, it’s no surprise to see tempers flare. This is exactly what happened when Clix and Unknown Army had a run in. Clix sniped Unknown Army, finishing him off in one shot. While he accepted his death, what followed truly infuriated Unknown. Clix did a celebratory dance for his skilled kill, and all hell broke loose soon after.

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Having felt humiliated at the dance, Unknown vocally vowed, then and there, that he would land on Clix in the next game and kill him before doing anything else. In fact, to understand where Clix was landing and how he was proceeding, Unknown thoroughly analyzed the replay.

As promised, he landed right in the house next to Clix’s and was laser-focused on chasing down the guy. Finally, he managed to confront the player he was chasing. Alas, the other player killed him. But the worst part, hilariously enough, was that the player wasn’t even Clix!

While Unknown chased down the wrong guy, the drama did affect Clix and his looting.

Unknown alleges racism

Another competitor, Yung Calculator, came on Unknown’s stream to reason with him, asking him not to throw away his chance at qualifying for spite. Out of nowhere, Unknown started screaming, leveling serious accusations.

You’re a racist,” screamed Unknown, without actually listening to the point Yung was making. He kept at it a fair few times too. Though his frustration is understandable, such serious allegations are simply uncalled for.

The drama did not end here though, as it had frustrated Clix as well. On his own stream, he was ranting away on Unknown, and kept tweeting his thoughts.

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You can check out the entire drama unfold in the video below, put together by The Fortnite Guy on YouTube.

What’s more, Unknown has vowed to continue griefing Clix even tomorrow. So, let’s wait and watch what Drama Day 2 brings.

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