YouTuber Jacksepticeye Donates $100,000 and Raises Over $650,000 During COVID-19 Charity Stream

Published 04/08/2020, 8:55 AM EDT

Sean William McLoughlin is a highly popular YouTuber. You might better know him as “Jacksepticeye.”  The Irish content creator has over 23 million subscribers and a jaw-dropping 12 billion views. He has stepped up to raise well over $500,000 for the fight against COVID-19 disease that has gripped the globe.

Jacksepticeye is a man who is often involved in fundraisers that raise millions in charity.

A while back he gave an interview in which he gave us an insight into his humanitarian mindset.


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‘I think anybody who has a huge following has some sort of responsibility to do things in a positive way,’ he said. ‘I had a huge feeling of responsibility years ago because my channel was so large and it was growing so quickly and I had one of the largest channels on the platform.”

Naturally, he wanted to do his part once again, given the health crisis we find ourselves in.


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YouTuber raises significant money

Yesterday, he announced his intention of running a live charity stream to raise funds. As always, he was quite successful in rallying up the troops and chipping in.

Having started off the charity stream, it was soon trending on Twitter.

“The #HopeFromHome fundraiser is trending on Twitter right now. Can we get it even higher!?” 

It sure went higher. Many of his subscribers and even others chipped in to make the event highly successful. Incidentally, they managed to raise more than $300,000 in less than three hours.

Take a look at how the event gathered speed. Progressively, Jacksepticeye raised some significant amount of money. He was helped by his fans and creator friends too.

Moreover, he himself put in a huge amount of his own money towards the charity.

As it currently stands, the charity event has raised a phenomenal $1.5 million on a global scale.

Ninja took to twitter to praise Jacksepticeye too.


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This is a very admirable effort by Jacksepticeye. As long as we have people like him around, I think we’ll be fine with anything that is thrown at us.



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