YouTuber Making a Cameo in Cyberpunk 2077 Has Now Joined Sony’s Studio Santa Monica

November 17, 2020 5:01 pm

Back in September, Alanah Pearce had announced that she would be a part of CD Projekt RED‘s upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077. Renowned for her work with IGN, the gaming journalist has other exciting news for the fans.

On Twitter, Alanah announced that she’ll be working as a video game writer at Santa Monica Studios. She certainly is proud of her new job in a studio credited with the likes of God of War.

Soon after the announcement, Alanah was already trending in California.

“Oh my god. Thank you all so, so much for all the love today, I am so honored to have even the tiniest little hand (seriously, very small, I am just a junior ok) on the absolutely incredible medium that is video games.”

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Following Cyberpunk 2077, this is a dream come true for Alanah

Apart from an announcement on Twitter, Alanah uploaded a video on her YouTube channel.  God of War has been one of her favorite game series ever; naturally, this is a special accomplishment for her.

She mentioned that AAA studios rarely have junior positions, especially in video game writing. Surprisingly, Santa Monica offered her the position in writing and she just could not let this opportunity fall off.

“This kind of position so rarely comes around and I’ve been working so hard at making myself equipped for it,” said Alanah. “It’s the most incredible thing in the world and I am happy.”

What’s next for Alanah and her fans?

To say the least, Alanah Pearce is a versatile individual. Apart from being a gaming journalist, she has been a part of several interesting projects. She has a YouTube channel with over half a million subscribers and has worked in productions like Rooster Teeth and IGN.

Owing to her new job and a huge role at a AAA studio, Alanah will not upload that frequently on her YouTuber channel now. However, she will continue her podcast Play Watch Listen, stream and create content.

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Pearce’s transition from a game journalist to a game developer has been inspiring, and fans around the world have always loved her work. Accordingly, they look forward to playing the games she creates while in Santa Monica Studios.

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