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Yuvraj Singh Takes a Cheeky Dig at BCCI while Complimenting Sourav Ganguly

Yuvraj Singh Takes a Cheeky Dig at BCCI while Complimenting Sourav Ganguly

Yuvraj Singh

To the many compliments that Sourav Ganguly received for becoming the BCCI president, Yuvraj Singh added one. Yuvraj took to twitter to congratulate his former captain and it did seem like a normal complimentary message untill a second glance. With his message, Yuvraj managed a cheeky dig at the BCCI.

In the first part of the congratulatory tweet, Yuvraj said that it was good of a former cricketer becoming the board’s president. The second part of the tweet is what contained the interesting part. And the story behind this goes back to last year.

Yuvraj was coming out of injury last year ahead of a series against Sri Lanka. He had last played competitive cricket in the 2017 Champions Trophy. At the age of 36, there was very little hope that he would make a return to the national setup. However, opportunity presented itself when he was asked to pass the yoyo test to prove his fitness, which apparently he did but did not get to play for India. Earlier this year, when Yuvraj had announced his retirement, he revealed that the BCCI promised him a farewell match if he were to pass yoyo test, but was eventually deprived of it.

Probably with this in mind, Yuvraj’s second part of the message to Ganguly read, “Wish you were the president while the yoyo was in demand,” before eventually ending with a mandatory good luck gesture.

Of course, all this might have been in a lighter sense, but it does give rise to the debate of whether the southpaw did deserve a farewell match!

It wasn’t long before Ganguly responded to Yuvraj Singh on Twitter.

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