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Zak Brown Says Fernando Alonso Is “Great”

Zak Brown Says Fernando Alonso Is “Great”

Fernando Alonso

He was Fernando Alonso’s former team principal in Formula 1. At present, he happens to be the CEO of McLaren. Zak Brown has seldom shied away from admiring Fernando Alonso. And given the recent circumstances that saw former F1 double world champion failing to qualify in Indy500, there’s hardly been a dearth in news surrounding the famous Spanish driver.

Zak Brown, 47, recently hailed the F1 luminary, calling him a great. Here’s what the LA-born had to say about his the former Renault driver:

“He was great, he was obviously easily disappointed. We feel like we let him down. Fernando deserved to be in the race, I don’t think McLaren deserved to be in the race. A bit of poetic justice as we put ourselves out even when we finally did get the car tight… but Fernando is great, we all want to come back.”

Zak Brown was referring to the recent episode wherein Alonso failed to qualify for Indy500.

Surely, it was disappointing that Fernando Alonso wasn’t able to get behind the wheel in Indycar500. And to that end, it wasn’t the best possible thing to have happened to a man who’s collected tremendous respect for his racing exploits.

The despair surrounding Alonso was evident from the simple reason that he happens to be a driver of great skill and repute. Not for nothing is he respected so much in F1.

Having won back-to-back world championships, the famous “El Nino” emerged as the only man who challenged Sebastian Vettel‘s authority in F1, with the German being in the kind of form he was during his Red Bull years.

Furthermore, it was Alonso, a driver who has a museum celebrating his achievements, who would emerge as the go-to man at Ferrari, during the Scuderia’s worst-possible season in the last decade: 2014.

That being told, it’s fairly understandable as to why Fernando Alonso is considered a great. Well said, Mr. Brown!

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