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Zak: A fairytale in Pictures

Zak: A fairytale in Pictures

A rise that wasn’t so fairytale but became one due to sheer prowess. Hailing from Shrirampur, Zaheer at times didn’t have a pillow to sleep according to his coach and former Indian cricketer Sudhir Naik, but since his first game for his country in Nairobi against Kenya. There was no looking back for the left armer who would go on become a legend in Indian cricketing glory.

Here’s a look at Zak’s career in pictures.

Arrival In International Cricket

Zaheer Khan pumps his fist after dismissing Steve Waugh in the Semi Final of the ICC Knockout Cup. Image Credits :cricketupdatenewslive.blogspot.com

Zaheer Khan made instant impact in his first assignment in international circuit with 7 wickets from four outings in the ICC knockout cup in Kenya. He subsequently went on to make his test debut later that year against Bangladesh.

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