Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Statue in Malmo Defaced with a Toilet Seat & Set to Fire

November 29, 2019 5:12 pm

Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to have lost some love at his boyhood club Malmo.

Only a month after a statue in his honour was unveiled in Malmo, people have defaced it with a toilet seat and vandalised the statue.

Zlatan bought a 25% stake in a rival club Hammarby FC, which is understood to be the reason for the outrage among fans in Malmo.

Ibrahimovic has recently ended his stint with LA Galaxy in MLS after his contract had expired. He started his career at Malmo in 1999 where he played for two years before joining Dutch club Ajax in 2001. Ibrahimovic later went on to play for Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona AC Milan, PSG and Manchester United before joining LA Galaxy.


After Zlatan left the Los Angeles club, rumours of him rejoining AC Milan have surfaced.

His words as per Friday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello certainly gave a feeling he was open to a return although he hasn’t confirmed anything.

“Milan is not my second city, it’s my second home,” he said. “I have wonderful memories and people live there in which I have huge confidence. Italy itself is my second home. I love Italians and their genius. My heart never left that country.

“I can play at my level up to 50 years. And if there is it is a project that stimulates me I can absolutely do it. I have just finished the experience in Los Angeles. It was fantastic, it will remain indelible in my memories. I wanted this adventure. And now we are two to be heroes of the two worlds: me and Giuseppe Garibaldi.”

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