Zlatan On His Way to Milan?

June 15, 2015 6:16 pm

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has put his future in doubt by claiming that he could leave PSG this summer, in the midst of rumours linking him to his old club AC Milan. Ibrahimovic also claimed that playing Champions League football is not a necessity for him.

Ibrahimovic moved from AC Milan to PSG back in 2011, right after winning the Serie A with the Italian club.

Despite stating on Friday that he was fully committed to his current club, Ibrahimovic has offered the Rossoneri fans some hope by hinting at a return to Milan in a press conference on Sunday.

“I still have one year left on my contract,” the Swede told Channel 5. “I belong to PSG. I do not have another plan, but things can change from one day to another.

“I cannot say much now, but I belong to PSG and we will continue like that. But the older I get, the more I have to think differently about choosing a club.

“This concerns not only the footballing aspect, but also the quality of life for my family.

“Many people think that the number one criterion is the Champions League. But this is not true. I want to be in a club that I like, where I have a good time, and have fun playing football.

“If I do not win the Champions League, believe me, my career has been magical anyway. Check my track record; it speaks for itself.”

At 33, Zlatan has entered the twilight of his glittering career winning 12 league titles for different clubs across Europe. He is more than capable to lead AC Milan back to the Champions League,  and possibly win his first with them.


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