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5 of the Best Kyrie Irving Shoes to Choose From

5 of the Best Kyrie Irving Shoes to Choose From

Kyrie Irving with shoe

Point guard Kyrie Irving is one of most popular players in NBA and his shoe deal with Nike, unsurprisingly brings him a good amount of money. According to Forbes, the Kyrie Irving shoes deal is worth around $11 million USD, which sits on the 10th place in their list of the richest NBA shoe deals in 2019-.



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Kyrie 4-

Nike Kyrie 4  shoe
Nike Kyrie 4

The Kyrie 4 Men’s Basketball Shoe is ultra-flexible, responsive and supportive. It’s designed for Kyrie Irving’s sudden changes of direction and smooth yet rapid playing style.

Cost- USD 150

Kyrie low 2-

Nike Kyrie Low 2 shoe
Nike Kyrie Low 2

If you are one for the low ankle types, this shoe is your type. Kyrie Low 2 was made keeping in mind Kyrie’s ability to make quick, sharp cuts while handling the ball. Loaded with responsive cushioning, it has a curved outsole and traction that wraps up the sides, ideal for quick players who continually work the angles to break down the defence.

Cost- USD 110

Nike Kyrie 5-

Nike Kyrie 5 shoe
Nike Kyrie 5

The Kyrie 5 was designed for Kyrie’s fast, all-angle attack with a new cushioning technology that aligns with the curved shape of the outsole. Whether breaking or banking, the Nike Air Zoom Turbo responds with a rapid return of energy.

Cost: USD 130

Kyrie 2-

Nike Kyrie 2
Nike Kyrie 2

The Kyrie 2 is the sneaker worn during the game 7 of 2016 NBA Finals, when Irving hit the game-winner. This model was inspired by a film of film of Kyrie in which he is literally running on the sides of his shoes. It got rid of the edge that separated the sole from the sides.

Cost- USD 120

Kyrie 1-

Nike Kyrie 1 shoe
Nike Kyrie 1

With Kyrie 1, Irving entered into superstardom joining the likes of LeBron James, Kobe Bryant. This model became extremely popular among children because of its designs.

Cost- USD110

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