Among Us Continues to Shine As Meteoric Rise Revives Merchandise Store

November 8, 2020 11:27 pm

The past few months have been extremely good for InnerSloth and their game Among Us. Following a few successful streams by popular streamers on YouTube and Twitch, the game’s popularity boomed. Since then, everyone who proudly calls themselves a gamer will have played Among Us at least once. The popularity of the game has risen to such extents that it has topped Steam charts as well as iOS and Android stores.

To show one’s love for such games, players love to invest in its merchandise. Whether it’s clothes and stationery related to popular franchises or influencers, we see many fans don gaming merch. All this while, fans had been investing in unofficial Among Us merch. Since the merch store was not functional, it was the only way they could show their love for the game.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore as InnerSloth, in collaboration with Dual Wield Studio, has finally re-launched an Among Us merch store.

Among Us themed t-shirts, bags, and accessories available now!

The store offers a wide variety of merchandise at very affordable prices. Many games and influencers have incredibly expensive merch and hence fans often miss out on it. However, InnerSloth wants everyone to join in on the fun and therefore have ensured that they deliver good quality products at affordable prices.

The merch includes t-shirts, backpacks, phone covers, mugs, office supplies, and many more. To announce the opening of the store, Dual Wield tweeted, The doors are open! Go get new, official Among Us merch at!”

They also added that they have plans to add many more products to the line. These will include figures and plushies as well.

InnerSloth has also urged the fans to buy only the official merch. In a previous statement, the indie studio stressed the importance of fans buying official products and avoiding fake ones. According to Comicbook, they addressed the fan art and fan march policy on their website late last month.

The policy said, “Although we are honored and overwhelmed by all of the fanart enthusiasm, selling unauthorized merchandise featuring Among Us characters, names, sayings, scenes, stories, and artwork (collectively, the ‘IP’) is illegal, and a violation of Innersloth’s IP rights.

“In order to preserve their IP rights, Innersloth can’t allow unlicensed merchandise to be created and sold, without maintaining quality control and oversight. Also, buying your Among Us merch from official sources will ensure that you are supporting the developers that help create the fandoms you love!”

It is important to support small creators and developers, and hence it is imperative that fans only invest in official merch. Let us know in the comments what has caught your eye from the Among Us merchandise.

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