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Arsenal Defender Set to Miss the World Cup

Arsenal Defender Set to Miss the World Cup

Koscienly might miss the World Cup


Koscielny might miss the World Cup

Laurent Koscielny‘s not-so-great-season is all set to end on a very sad note as he is likely to miss out on the World Cup for France. The Arsenal defender went down off the ball during his side’s 1-0 loss to Atletico Madrid yesterday and was evidently in great agony as he repeatedly punched the floor in pain.

Speaking to the press after the game, manager Arsene Wenger said that he suspects an Achilles rupture. He said,” “It doesn’t look very good. His Achilles, you can always hope for a miracle on the scan, but the first signs are not good. It looks like it could [be ruptured].”

The Arsenal player immediately went down clutching his heel after the injury and concerned players came by to help him out. A stretcher and a medical team were called in immediately, but no official statement has been issued by the club yet. However, Wenger stating that a “miracle” would be needed to get him up and running in time seems to make the speculation all the more valid.

While the French team has no lack of depth in defence, with both Raphael Varane and Samuel Umtiti in fine form, having someone of Koscielny’s experience would certainly help their cause. He was a certain starter for the national team but if his injury is indeed as serious as Wenger thinks it could be, the defender would not only miss out on the World Cup but also the opening few weeks for the next season.

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