‘Wild Thing’ Nick Kyrgios’ longtime girlfriend’s wardrobe woes continue! The popular Australian creator, Costeen Hatzi recently returned to Greece from yet another tropical vacation with the temperamental tennis star. But while everything seemed good in paradise, she took to Instagram to air her travel woes after managing what could have become a total disaster.

The hot and happening pair have been traveling since Kyrgios reported having torn a ligament in his wrist during practice. Jetting all over the world, Costeen, who works as an Instagram model and interior designer, has been sharing beautiful dolled-up pictures over the past two weeks—some of them featuring glimpses of Nick Kyrgios as well.

Wardrobe difficulties plague Costeen Hatzi as she travels with Kyrgios


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An influencer in her own right, Costeen Hatzi has been posting frequent updates about the couple. Till now, they have been to Nassau, Bahamas, and Miami, Florida after departing from London. The latest in a stream of photo carousels of the lovebirds on social media is enviable, with snaps of beautiful sights and enthralling parties for her followers to see.

However, disaster struck when the couple landed in Greece. Kyrgios’ girlfriend posted a story of herself, captioning it with her woes: “Wearing your mum’s clothes bc lost luggage for 3 days”. Following up with a dolled-up Instagram post featuring herself with a natural glam look, she added that despite having lost her baggage, she had successfully made it through the past three days.


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Eagle-eyed spotters also noted her mother’s cheeky but loving reply. In her comments section, Mary Hatzi wrote: “Lucky my clothes fit you”.

While Kyrgios enjoys the relaxation and downtime, the tennis fraternity is preparing for battle. In what will be a tough hard court season, one question looms large. Will Kyrgios be able to return to the courts anytime soon?

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The road ahead for Nick Kyrgios


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Nick Kyrgios had aroused anticipation after a stellar run at Wimbledon in 2022. However, just twenty-four hours before his first-round match, Kyrgios had to withdraw this year. Citing a wrist injury, he has since then been on a globetrotting adventure with Hatzi.

All work and no play would have made Kyrgios a dull boy. But too much fun hasn’t been on Nick’s cards either. Striking the much-needed balance between work and play, he has been fighting tooth and nail to recover from his injury. One of Nick Kyrgios’ Instagram stories showed him in a session with his long-term physiotherapist, Will Maher. Surrounding him were his father, Giorgos Kyrgios, and his girlfriend. Another interesting update saw him on a grass court flanked by Costeen, Maher, and his sister, Halimah Kyrgios.

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Nick Kyrgios’ team has made no official comeback announcements yet. But returning to his ancestral roots and family in Greece with his girlfriend might just be the breather he needed to recharge his fighting spirit. What do you think?


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