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Mitali Dey is a Tennis writer and editor at EssentiallySports. Having grown up professionally competing in various disciplines from Table Tennis to Karate, sports have been second nature to her. Being an English major, her compelling need to write blends seamlessly with her fascination for tennis in her role at EssentiallySports. While writing, Mitali aspires to tell stories that animate words with the soul of sports. But come the editorial bit and she will level with the bird in Hawk-eye. As for who she roots for in tennis, she'll passionately defend Rafael Nadal as the G.O.A.T. and rue over his absences in the same breath. Every now and then, Mitali walks away to stress bake when the good old teapot can't do the trick. Away from the world of sports, she is also a passionate theatre practitioner with a penchant for improvising and an avid reader with an ever-growing (read: impossibly long) to-be-read pile.

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