For Carlos Alcaraz, new rivalries may be brewing. His win over Novak Djokovic certainly signified many a change in guard in the tennis world. Although, If Wimbledon‘s latest star’s comments are anything to go by, the ancient debate of the old versus new has hardly even begun. In a sit-down with Marca, the Spanish national sports daily, the resilient World No. 1 remained down-to-earth.

Winning at Wimbledon’s Centre Court is no mean feat and nothing short of a childhood dream come true. But even as the next-gen Spanish bull – dubbed the Prince of Tennis – set his sights on greater horizons, there is one statement he will not admit… yet.

Carlos Alcaraz on being the vanguard of the next generation of tennis players


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Having toughed it out in five see-sawing sets against Novak Djokovic in the SW19 final, Carlos Alcaraz has definitely made history. Tennis enthusiasts have naturally hailed the young Spaniard as the heir apparent to the incredible legacy of men’s tennis. But his feet rest firmly on the ground even as he looks over the tennis world from its peak. Responding to the long-standing contention that the reign of The Big Three might be over and a new era has begun, Alcaraz firmly maintained his reverent stance.

Instead, he sees his stellar performance at Wimbledon 2023 as a victory for himself and his team. Speaking to Marca, humbly, he said: “I don’t think so. I don’t think so because as long as Rafa and Djokovic are playing and are active there will be no change of Era.”

However, Carlos resigned that the question might just be premature for the present moment and would be a better ask later down the line: “In a few years, when they retire and don’t play anymore, the debate may come up again. Now it’s not the moment.” [translated via Google]

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Carlos Alcaraz’s characteristic humility is well known by now. But his landmark Wimbledon moment cannot help but bring up two decades-old reminiscences of the beginning of what has arguably been the greatest era of men’s tennis.

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Alcaraz’s Wimbledon victory shows that history has a way of repeating itself


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Almost 21 years ago, the legendary Pete Sampras was the favorite to win a fifth straight title at Wimbledon.

But serving on a match point, the crowds were eerily silent – not with anticipation, but in total surprise. The difference? In the match, the tables had turned and Roger Federer, barely a teenager, had managed to stage one of the biggest upsets in the sport’s history.


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In his very first appearance at Centre Court, Federer had overthrown his sporting idol and provided a glimpse into what would be an astonishing career. That is now history. But one question inadvertently remains now. Will Alcaraz – who has been hailed as a complete player with the best of the Big Three – tread a similar path? Or is there another rival who could stop him dead in his tracks?

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