Federer and Swift together—Is this the best thing to happen in sports and music this year?

“Are you ready for it?” Must be the words on Roger Federer’s lips as his daughters successfully pushed him into the Taylor Swift era! Who would have thought that a day would come in history, when something would pull the Grass king away from Wimbledon, even in the form of just a spectator? But it happened. Courtesy: Taylor Swift! The 8-time Grass slam champion is relishing the moment in the audience as he vibes to the singer’s tones.

The 42-year-old star was spotted rocking out with his wife Mirka and all four of their kids at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Zurich, Switzerland on July 8th. Federer wasn’t just there for show – a fan account captured a sweet photo of him and Mirka embracing in the crowd. But the real sign of his fandom came later: Federer proudly displayed a collection of friendship bracelets including Swift’s on his Instagram, a clear nod to the concert tradition. Looks like Federer’s got some serious Swiftie cred!

It was just a while back that Federer was struggling to find things to do, after crossing out commentary as an option. However, in a recent update, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has shared a snippet with none other than the queen of music, Taylor Swift. Taking to his Instagram account, Federer declared his successful transition to another era “In my Swiftie era 🦋🫶💜🧣🌃🐍💘🪩🌲🕰️🤍.”  However, no one would have thought that Swift’s magic would draw him into her era.


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Back in June, the dad of four told PEOPLE that seeing Swift in concert with his kids was a goal for him this summer. “We went to a lot of concerts last year,” he said, noting that it was so fun to get on stage with Coldplay at their Zürich show last summer. “I didn’t sing, I just played a little shaker thing,” he said with a laugh. “This summer Taylor Swift is coming to Switzerland so of course we’ll go to that…”

Well, somebody’s gain is somebody’s loss! While Swift gains another fan in the tennis legend, Wimbledon would have to wait until the Swift fever dies down, and the Swiss Maestro is back to being a tennis legend. However, in Swift’s defense, Federer is not the only celebrity to join her fan club, or enjoy her concert or both!


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From Selena Gomez and Emma Stone to Britain’s royalty, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte too couldn’t resist her charm. And from the tennis circuit, the French Open champion, Iga Swiatek, tried to ‘Shake it off’ at the Liver pool.

Swiatek’s teenage connection to Taylor Swift

Though Federer got charmed by Swift after his tennis career was over, and his kids pushed him to accompany them, with Swiatek, it was a childhood dream, and also a way to learn English. Like every teenager, when Swiatek needed some company, she chose to switch on her music and listen to Swift’s melodies. But after winning her 4th French Open title, the Pole star dashed to Liverpool to shake off all the tiredness from the Red Clay!


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A story of every teenager, and a Swiftie fan, as her melodies cross every barrier to touch hearts all over the globe. Opening about her tryst with the singer’s music, she said, “You know, when I was younger and kind of confused about life and when I was a teenager, when I listened to her, I didn’t feel alone, Also, I learned English by listening to her songs, so she was always kind of close to me.”

However, Swiatek is a bit lucky than other fans as she received a letter from Swift congratulating her for her 5th Grand Slam! And as Federer opens the door for those unaware in tennis circuit, let’s see how many tennis star joins the ‘Swiftie Era’!