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Mohammad Almas Saad


One take at a time

About me

Mohammad Almas Saad is an NBA Writer at EssentiallySports. Almas has over four years of experience writing about the sport he loves. He began right after college and has composed more than 500 stories. Almas developed a viral interest in the NBA while watching LeBron James play during his first stint for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has been following the league for a decade now. Almas likes to stay updated about strategies, trades and injuries to further his understanding of the core-sport aspects of basketball he so loves to cover. By analyzing players and team performances and breaking down games, Almas adds to his insights to help him put forth an informed perspective. Almas also likes to write about football and has represented his high-school and college teams for basketball and football matches too. He organized a futsal tournament for his university, and his journalistic expertise isn?t limited to basketball as well. He spends his free time writing short stories and poems. His collection of stories was published in Writers? Magazine in 2021. Almas also has an avid interest in human psychology.