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Ansuman Abhisek


One take at a time

About me

I instantly fell in love with the sport as I witnessed the cars' breakneck speeds and the robust nature of the sport and its drivers. As I had a deep-rooted interest in automobiles, the sport naturally piqued my interest in a jiffy. Kyle Busch and his cutthroat style of racing played an important role in getting me hooked to stock car racing as I hopped on streams to watch him win races. Dale Earnhardt Jr is another personality who I admire for his impact on the sport. His ideas have emerged as a precursor for change in the scene and it has also been translated into my articles. While writing, a style of storytelling and detailed coverage of the topic has been my go-to approach. I have also been a Madridista for long, and have been in a constant love-hate relationship for years with the Los Blancos. Bike trips and hikes are something I love to do when I'm not working.