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Throughout my life, two fields have always intrigued me: journalism and sports. Thus, when it comes to building a career, I focused on honing my writing skills while providing in-depth coverage of the latest developments in the tennis world for EssentiallySports? passionate readership. During my time here, I have been serving as a knowledgeable resource for all things tennis and providing in-depth on-court analysis and off-court coverage. I go gaga for any updates concerning Coco Gauff. Her determination on the court, along with her dedication to being a shining example to the younger generation, has been a major factor in increasing my love for the 2023 US Open champion. When I am away from work, you can find me sipping chai at a local cafe, browsing used bookstores, or relaxing in a park with my notebook and pen. My goal is to one day publish both short stories and novels that leave lasting impressions.

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