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Moinakhtar Akhunji


One take at a time

About me

Moinakhtar Akhunji is a NASCAR writer at EssentiallySports. With a love for racing spanning almost a decade, he brings his passion and expertise to every article he writes. Growing up as an automobile enthusiast, he quickly developed a deep appreciation for the technical and competitive aspects of both F1 and NASCAR. He is a fan of Dale Earnhardt Jr and Max Verstappen. Among the current NASCAR drivers, he admires Hendrick Motorsports star, Kyle Larson. Moinakhtar believes with the right backing from his team, the #5 driver can win a lot more championships. Here at ES, Moinakhtar is known for his well-rounded and informative articles. He brings a unique perspective to his writing, combining his knowledge of the sport with his passion for storytelling. When he is not penning down his thoughts about the Stock Car Racing Series, he can be found traveling and taking hikes.