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Purva Jain


One take at a time

About me

Purva Jain is a senior sports writer for Essentially Sports. With her expertise in surfing, Purva has a deep passion for the ocean and a love for the thrill of big waves. Author of ?Gold and Brown?, ?Chasing the North Star? and ?Light Beneath the Shadows?, Purva idolizes Kelly Slater, taking to heart his famous quote, "There's always a wave you want to surf." This mentality has led Purva to explore various sports such as MMA, bodybuilding, and NHL. While Purva draws inspiration from sports icons like Slater and Laird Hamilton, she also looks to action-comedy star Jackie Chan for inspiration. Purva admires Chan's philosophy of finding humor in adversity, and his versatility, which reflects in her own work. From bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger to ice hockey God Wayne Gretzky, Purva's writing covers a wide range of sports and personalities. When she's not putting words to paper, Purva can be found sitting in her quiet corner, looking for the next big wave.