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About The Author

I hail from a family of passionate sports lovers, especially combat sports. It is from there that I realized how aptly combat sports embody life. The words of Jeremy Lesniak, "It's not about learning to fight, it's about learning to be better through the expression of action" resonated with the interest I had in combat sports. I had my first tryst with combat sports when I watched Brock Lesnar crossing over to the UFC and Manny Pacquiao trading punches with Juan Manuel Marque in 2008. Captivated by combat sports and to live the sports more closely, I joined the Boxing family at EssentiallySports in September 2022. With a background in law, I try to bring a unique perspective to my sports coverage. The thrill of knockouts and the action from my early memories instantly made me fall in love with combat sports, which has only grown with time. While a purist at heart, I'm excited at the prospect of the recent surge of crossover combat sports. I strongly believe that the flair and the entertainment aspect along with the boxing skills is the new way. Beyond the ring, I enjoy delving into books and indulging in animes.