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Samrat Sardar is a senior Boxing writer at EssentiallySports. With over 1800 articles to his name, Samrat has built a loyal readership of his own. His in-depth coverage on renowned personalities in the boxing world like Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr., to name a few, has received widespread recognition among readers. However, his interest lies in stories of any shred of injustice or corruption happening in the world of boxing. Therefore, his coverage of issues like fighter pay, controversial refereeing decisions, and other forms of systemic abuse is something to look out for. Moreover, being a kickboxer himself, and winning medals at the state and national levels, he is well-versed in the technical aspect of the sport. He also counts his contributions to detailed analysis of fights as one of his proudest achievements.

Articles By Author

Dmitry Bivol Gives Final Verdict on Canelo Alvarez Rematch

Dmitry Bivol cannot find room for Canelo Alvarez. Bivol wants to focus on his fight against Artur Beterbiev in Saudi Arabia.

1 day ago

Stephen A. Smith Explains Why Vasyl Lomachenko Can’t Survive Against Gervonta Davis

Stephen A. Smith tells what Vasyl Lomachenko lacks to face Gervonta Davis. Mentions the boxer who will give 'Tank' a run for his money.

1 day ago

“He Needs to Attend Rehab”: Sympathetic Jake Paul Offers “Maniac” Conor McGregor Tickets to Mike Perry Fight

Jake Paul blasts, patronizes, and insults Conor McGregor. But, he is willing to help Conor if he wants to attend Mike Perry vs. Jake.

1 day ago

Boxing Rankings: Furious Fans Demand Gervonta Davis vs. Vasyl Lomachenko to Prove a Point Against Ring Magazine

Fans challenge Vasyl Lomachenko to fight Gervonta Davis to justify his current rank by Ring Magazine. Davis falls behind Loma.

2 days ago

Jake Paul vs. Mike Perry: ‘The Problem Child’ Breaks Tradition Loathed by Fans

Jake Paul deserves praise for facing Mike Perry in his prime. However, isn't a victory against Perry certain too?

2 days ago

Oscar De La Hoya Provides Crucial Update on Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia Rematch

Oscar De La Hoya informs what Ryan Garcia told him about 'Tank' rematch. Urges Gervonta Davis to give 'Golden Boy' a call.

2 days ago

Potentially Sacrificing Biggest Payday, Jake Paul Reveals Why Mike Perry Fight Almost Didn’t Happen

Jake Paul was almost overwhelmed by the risk he's taking against Mike Perry in July, while Perry thinks Paul made "the worst mistake".

2 days ago

Devin Haney Announces Temporary Retirement Until Ryan Garcia’s Doping Case Is “Adjudicated”

Devin Haney announces temporary retirement. Bill Haney demands his son be considered undefeated and doesn't negotiate with Sandor Martin.

2 days ago

“Haney Definitely Wouldn’t Beat Tank”: Ryan Garcia’s Opinion Rejected by Fans After Floyd Mayweather Releases Devin Haney vs. Gervonta Davis Sparring Footage

Ryan Garcia prefers Devin Haney against Gervonta Davis. Fans disagree and sparring footage predicts a competitive fight.

4 days ago

Jennifer Lozano Nickname and Meaning Behind It

Jennifer Lozano is here to inspire women and prove her doubters wrong at the Paris Olympics. Here's why her nickname suits her the best.

4 days ago

“Who’s to Blame for That?”: Jeff Mayweather Reveals Potential Cause of Floyd Mayweather’s Promotions’ Downfall

Are fighters from Mayweather Promotions by Floyd Mayweather being denied fights? Jeff Mayweather speaks his mind, lauds Richard Schaefer.

5 days ago

Mike Tyson Can’t Stop Laughing at Jake Paul as Lie Detector Exposes His State of Mind Over Logan Paul’s Burning Question

Mike Tyson laughs at lie detector exposing Jake Paul. Jake Paul has self-doubt, he is unsure about putting Tyson in a fix.

5 days ago

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