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Saurabh Saini


One take at a time

About me

“Everything happens for a reason." Surprisingly, it has held true for my career in sports. I've cherished sports since my teenage years, and my passion has guided me through the journey of sports journalism, a venture that began years ago. Before joining EssentiallySports I had written around 800 articles spanning MLB, NFL, and NHL. Now, my daily rhythm revolves around the insights from MLB, as I play the roles of a fan, a writer, and a reader. In the more than 700 articles at ES, I have covered the on-field antics of generational talents like Shohei Ohtani and Elly De La Cruz, along with the off-field actions of ex baseballers like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Let me welcome you all to join me as ardent fans of the beautiful sport of baseball! However, on my days off, my affection for poetry takes center stage. As a writer, there are striking parallels between the two worlds, and my passion for both continues to flourish.