50-YO Bodybuilding Legend With 4 Mr. Olympia Titles Shares the “Guaranteed” Secret to Increase Your Bench Press Weight

Published 01/05/2024, 12:27 PM EST

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In bodybuilding, Jay Cutler is known for two important reasons: his glorious 4-time Mr. Olympia victory and his epic rivalry with the bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman. The 4-time runner-up to Coleman, who once practiced a high-volume, low-rest training regime during his prime, doesn’t compromise with his training routine even today… the same routine that saw Cutler dethrone Coleman who had then been rooting for his 9th trophy record.

Recently, Cutler shared a secret about bench presses. In a short video uploaded on his official YouTube channel, the 50-year-old was seen doing a bench press without following the common approach of adding more weight.

Jay Cutler shares an efficient method!


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While the majority of people believe in adding more weights to the bench press, Cutler has a different approach. He prefers lightning up the weight as according to him, it can ensure “guaranteed” success in bench press.

Despite lighter weights, he still succeeds in strengthening his muscles by doing higher reps of the exercises. In the month-old-video, he said, “Bench press is not such a complicated exercise, but it does take a little brain work to really get the stimulation.” 


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“I’m never trying to do a crazy amount of weight. I never cared how much I bench pressed. The judges never asked me that on stage.” But to break through those period of plateaus, Jay Cutler suggested, “Instead of going for your max every week, lighten up the weight. Focus on more repetitions.”


Cutler suggested doing 15 to 20 reps of the exercise up to two weeks. After completing the two week mark, the bodybuilder proposed going max weight for one or two reps. “I guarantee you’ll break through,” he said.

When Jay Cutler opened up about his weakest point


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In 2023, Cutler took his fans down memory lane when he recalled his weak arms before winning Mr. Olympia. He watched an old video of his arm workout and revealed that it was one of his weak points before becoming a Mr. Olympia. He said, “The funny thing is I always had trouble growing my arms in the beginning.” 

Recollecting his old memories, Cutler said, “I miss those days of crazy pumps man, I mean I do one set in the gym, and it pumped like this…This is a total throwback right here. But the crazy part is this is like, 14 weeks 16 weeks out from the show. I was huge. I look back at how big I was.”

Back in 2011, he tore his bicep just weeks before Mr. Olympia. Even after undergoing surgery, he did not back out from the competition. “Do not be afraid to get back in the gym. I was back full capacity training and actually got back on stage and competed…,” he had stated.


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What do you think about Cutler’s unique muscle training methods? Is focusing on actual reps rather than just piling on weights the right way to bench press?

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