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Sanjana Saini


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About me

I am Sanjana Saini, a bodybuilding writer at EssentiallySports. I?m a person who finds immense delight in curating valuable and excitement-driven stuff about bodybuilding champions. While crafting my articles, I ensure that I keep fans? perspectives, expectations, and sentiments in mind. Having seen my younger brother hitting the gym daily with an unshakable resolution to be fit and healthy, I started getting inspired by him and surprisingly developed my interest in body training and weight lifting. My interest in weight exercise has now turned me into a bodybuilding fan. Hence, I love to delve into the lifestyles of legendary bodybuilding figures - from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the 2023 Olympia champ, Derek Lunsford. Be it the prestigious Olympia championship or any fascinating life update about a reigning winner, I love to cover both and ensure comprehensive insights for fans. With my great will to always keep a space for skill refinement, I look forward to becoming a well-known author. Find me at: