“Literally Eating More Than a Tiger”: 441-lb Strongman Champion’s Colossal Diet Drops Jaws Among Bodybuilding Enthusiasts

Published Jun 16, 2023 | 2:15 PM EDT

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The 4X World’s Strongest Man champion Brian Shaw is one of the greatest the sport has ever seen. Some even say that Shaw might be the strongest man who ever lived. At 441 pounds, he needs the proper nutrients to be strong. And Brian does eat well and takes his diet seriously.

He recently made a video and walked his fans through his full day of eating. He eats an enormous amount of calories in one go and wows the fans! Let’s see the YouTube video and fans’ reactions to it.

Brian Shaw eats a whopping 10,432 calories


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Shaw uploaded a video on his YouTube channel named ‘ Full day of eating to be the strongest man on earth / 10,432 calories,’ on 12th June 2023. He starts speaking about Shaw Classic and says, “ What’s up guys hope you all are doing well, welcome to my kitchen.”


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He further described what the video was about and explained, “Today we are doing a full day of eating leading up to the Shaw Classic, which will be my final strongman competition.” This Strongman competition will mark an end to his mind-blowing and unparallel career, and tickets are already getting sold at lightning speed.

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Shaw then moves on to his diet which is all about gaining strength through nutrition. He shows all the meals he has in a day. From breakfast to dinner, Shaw takes his fans on a healthy mukbang journey to become stronger.

His menu for a high-calorie diet includes a lot of things. Pancakes, six eggs, and milk for breakfast. For snacks, he takes protein shakes, frozen fruits, and cookies. For the third meal, he ingests a pound of bison meat and pasta. For the fourth meal, he again had meat with steamed rice. In his fifth meal, he had meatballs, bison meat, and pasta and cleansed the palette with Coca-cola. And finally, for the sixth meal, he had a dessert made of a chocolate protein shake. And voila, he consumed 10,432 calories!

Fans are astonished at how much he can eat


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All the comments were about his outrageous diet and the huge amount of calories he ate in the video. One fan listed all the food Shaw ate and wrote, “This man just ate 5 pancakes, 6 eggs, 8oz of bison, and said “I’m usually hungry in about an hour to an hour and a half” … legend.”

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Another fan called him a legend and said, “You are a Legend and an Icon! Your legacy is broader than your shoulders. All the love and respect brother.” One fan was displaying pure facts in the comments saying, “I just want to point out that, according to the AZA Nutrition Advisory Group, the recommended number of calories for an adult male tiger in captivity is about 6300 kcal. Meaning, yes, Brian is literally eating more than a tiger.”


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A person was pretty soothed with the ‘ASMR’ quality of the video and said, “Something about watching Brian being so careful cracking an egg is truly inspiring.”

Brian Shaw not only eats up the Strongman stage but also three-course meals like it’s nothing! His prowess is something to watch out for in the upcoming competition.

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