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Tanushree Bhowmick


One take at a time

About me

I am Tanushree Bhowmick. I have always loved running and sprinting since I was a child and I often took pride in being unbeaten at sporting events in school. The love I had for sport continued to follow me into adulthood. I still nurture a love for fitness and anything related to Gymnastics, because these sports have always intrigued me and inspired me in my professional writing career and lifestyle. I am a Bodybuilding writer at EssentiallySports and hold a Master?s Degree in English Literature. Some of my favorite athletes are Simone Biles and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many of my 700-plus articles for the bodybuilding division are about the 7x Mr. Olympia winner. For my writing, I often track the Terminator icon?s fitness newsletter and delve into the advice that Arnie provides for his ?village? Given my passion for fitness and bodybuilding, I aspire to write about and interview icons from the field.