After Highlighting the Terrible Consequences of Sleep Deprivation, Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals How to “Limit the Damage”

Published 08/20/2023, 1:42 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest examples of never giving up on goals. Throughout his bodybuilding career, he has been relentless in achieving what he wants. This led to a seven-time Mr. Olympia victory and even becoming the Canadian governor later on. Even at the age of 75, he still is as relentless as he was in his youth. The ‘Austrian Oak’ persistently brings wholesome content of gaining good health to his readers through his newsletter.

This time, he covers three different topics related to his Netflix series, ‘FUBAR’, bad sleeping habits, and dealing with stress. The new information in his newsletter can be very important for youth who do not get proper sleep. He covers the aspect of sleep deprivation and how it can be prevented.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gives a solution to sleep deprivation


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In his newsletter named  ‘Arnold’s Pump Club’, the bodybuilding legend wrote about how most people are always sleep deprived and do not sleep more than six hours per night. This also resulted in fatigue and lack of exercise, which was linked to 69% of cardiovascular deaths. Arnie also revealed that there was a study done by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology on more than 90,000 adults, which gave a shocking statistic. However, in the youth, the lack of sleep has become a staple in their day-to-day lives due to busy work lifestyles. 

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While Arnold gave the dangerous consequences of sleep deprivation, he also gave a solution. The section starts with the line, “Those who woke up two hours earlier ate fewer calories, fat, and sodium the next day compared to those who stayed up two hours later. And if that wasn’t enough, individuals who woke up earlier were 30 percent more likely to engage in physical activity.” This was the result found by the scientific study. But everyone can’t have a balanced sleeping cycle due to their work life.


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Therefore, for them, Schwarzenegger suggests the following: “If you typically stay up late, try to push your bedtime back by 15 minutes per week. We’re not talking about significant changes. Remember, the results were established by moving sleep back just two hours. And it’s possible that even one hour earlier would lead to benefits.”  This dreadful cycle can be prevented and lead to lesser cardiovascular risks by keeping smaller goals and being consistent every day. Since Arnold has gone through his ordeal of heart surgeries, he makes sure to give a cautionary tale to his followers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes through multiple heart surgeries


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The Austrian Oak has had his own dangerous experiences with cardiovascular problems. The first of his three surgeries happened on April 16th, 1997. After that, during the promotion of ‘Batman & Robin’, he revealed how there were 12 surgeons for his bypass surgery in the operation theatre. The second heart surgery was in 2018 and finally, in 2020, he underwent a third surgery.

But these were not due to sleep deprivation and were instead because of the toll on his health after years of bulking up for bodybuilding. Arnold Schwarzenegger stressed the fact that smaller steps were necessary for a bigger change in the latest newsletter.


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He suggested that one can break up a longer training session into smaller workout sessions to start their journey in fitness. What do you think about the Austrian Oak’s advice? Tell us in the comments below.


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