After Losing Weight From 250 Lbs to 200 Lbs, Joe Rogan’s Comedian Friend Explains How Indulgence Can be Detrimental to Health

Published Sep 3, 2023 | 6:32 AM EDT

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Joe Rogan’s buddy, the ever-hilarious Tom Segura, stepped right into the spotlight. This is now not quite his standard level. We understand him for his comedic prowess. However, this time, he had a greater severe story to share, diving deep into his weight reduction adventure.

On the 976th episode of Mark Bell’s Power Project podcast, a reflective side of Tom surfaced. The man at the back of so many laughs dropped the comedic guard for a piece, talking about his bodybuilding and fitness transformation and discussing the mental battles that include reshaping one’s frame and way of existence.

Battling the ‘Former Fat Guy’ Mentality


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Tom Segura posed an acquainted question, resonating with everybody who is struggling with weight: “What do you do about your former fats man self?” It wasn’t pretty a lot the physical technique of shedding pounds however confronting beyond conduct, indulgences, and those inner urges that continuously whisper, “Go on, have some greater.”


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Many human beings are no strangers to the temptation of looking to consume an entire dessert. Tom’s sincere confession about normally feeling the want to complete what is on his plate, in place of clearly taking a piece and savoring it, echoed a not-unusual sentiment. “I constantly thought I needed to eat this complete component,” he found out.

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But with time, Tom’s dating of food saw a shift. He highlighted a crucial piece of recommendation for the ones new to their weight loss journey: moderation is fundamental. Diving into cheat days the instant you notice minor progress? Not an awesome idea, consistent with Tom.

Tom Segura: The great snack debate and beyond


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One of the standout moments from the podcast is Tom Segura’s funny jab at snacking. “Who desires snacks? Like kids?” he said. The flurry of responses becomes fun and insightful, hinting at our shared vulnerabilities in relation to food.

Yet, under the humor, there has been a profound message: it is adequate to indulge now and then. What’s essential isn’t giving in to every fleeting craving. It’s about placing that sensitive balance between treating oneself and preserving discipline.


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To wrap it up, the story of Tom Segura isn’t pretty lots the visible transformation. It’s about evolving self-recognition, getting to know how to navigate meal indulgence pitfalls, and celebrating the small but great victories along the way. After all, preserving stability in existence, much like in comedy, requires timing and know-how while to take a step again.

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