Arnold Classic 2024: Classic Physique Results, Wesley Vissers Emerges as New Champion

Published 03/01/2024, 11:56 PM EST

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Standing 6’3 tall, Wesley Vissers has swept the prestigious Arnold Classic title this year with his massive and magnificent physique. Compared with Arnold Schwarzenegger on several occasions during the finale, Vissers created history with his jump from the 7th rank in Mr. Olympia to winning the title at Arnold’s Classic only a few months later.

However, as most people had predicted to see Urs Kalecinski, Ramon Dino, and Breon Ansley somewhere at the top, they were shocked by the results. So, where do the other anticipated participants stand within the leaderboard?

Arnold Classic’s Leaderboard for Classic Physique


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With Wesley Vissers at the top, the former Arnold Classic winner, Brazilian bodybuilder Ramon Dino, had to be content as Runner-up this year. While Urs Kalecinski marked his name as the second runner-up, a great many of his fans might be disappointed. Following this, Breon Ansley and Michael Daboul secured the 4th and the 5th positions, respectively.


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While a majority of the fitness community was sold on to seeing either Urs Kalecinski or Ramon Dino fighting for the top, it came quite as a surprise as the 30-year-old Dutch bodybuilder rose amidst such big contenders. From the very moment of pre-judging and Vissers’s first appearance on stage, most of the audience and the bodybuilding experts could anticipate a probable breakthrough from him.

  • First Place – Wesley Vissers ($60,000)
  • Second Place – Ramon Rocha Queiroz ($30,000)
  • Third Place – Urs Kalecinski ($20,000)
  • Fourth Place – Breon Ansley ($7,000)
  • Fifth Place – Michael Daboul ($4,000)
  • Sixth Place – Damien Patrick ($2,000)
  • Seventh Place – Emanuele Ricotti
  • Eighth Place – Darren Farrell
  • Ninth Place – Eric Brown Jr.
  • Tenth Place – Kendahl Richmond


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Commentators were fascinated by Vissers’s physique

Right as Wesley Vissers made his appearance on stage, the bodybuilding experts were instantly impressed by his height. One said, “A 6’3, he is very tall.” While another said, “I always think my eyes are drawn to taller guys.” Yet all of the commentators agreed and firmly believed that this stage and Vissers’ present condition were going to give him a breakthrough. Not only that, the bodybuilding experts also made comparisons between Vissers and the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger. They suggested, “He knows exactly how his body looks.”

Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award: From a Boy Who Hated Working in the Family Business to One of the Most Celebrated Bodybuilding Legends


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As the results dropped, the fitness community was insanely stunned by the unexpected outcome. Yet, at the very same time, it gives endless possibilities for all the participants for their upcoming challenges, as they each have their own sets of reasons and motivations to be up in the chart.

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