Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives a Motivating Lesson in Time Management to Those Struggling With Their Goals

Published 04/22/2024, 10:00 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger might be 77 years old, but the bodybuilder still has the mind of those ambitious youngsters who want to make the best of their time as well as be at the top. Owing to that, Arnold Sports’ official Instagram account recently shared a rather motivating video about time management.

After dividing the whole day and categorizing it into different time slots needed for important things in life, it was suggested that people still end up with ample time to make a change in their lives. Thus, it was suggested that people should take their moment and change their course of life. Let us look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about it.

Schwarzenegger divides the hours of the day to help his audience


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In the latest Instagram video from Arnold Sports, several clips from his competing days were collected and portrayed. Along with that, it was dictated that the days have 24 hours each. It went ahead: “We sleep six hours a day. So it still gives us 18 hours.” Then he talked about how any average person can work only about 10 hours, and two hours might go away for his travels. He again posed a question: “Now you still have six hours left. So what are you doing in these six hours?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger replied that he believes that there is ample time available to people; thus, he said, “You can see how much time is available. If you organize your day.” The caption for Arnold Sports inspired the audience to maintain a schedule and devise it in a way that helps them. It was written, “Figure out what works best for you, make the time, and then smash your goals.”


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Arnold Schwarzenegger used this same philosophy in the title of his book, “Be Useful,”  which was always advised by his father about time management. Let us look at how Schwarzenegger received the advice.

Schwarzenegger utilized his father’s advice

In many interviews and podcasts, Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked about his discipline with time management since childhood. The words that his father usually used became the title of his autobiography. He once stated, “‘Be Useful’ because this is what my father always said: Arnold be useful don’t just waste your time on yourself.”


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The bodybuilder also talked about how he tends to believe in those words more than he used to before. He said on another occasion, “When I was young, I listened, but it didn’t mean as much as it means now. 75 years of life has taught me that it means everything.” 

What would you like to prioritize to spend the six hours of your day? Let us know in the comments below.


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