Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Once Admitted to Being a Traditional Republican Like Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Raegan, Also Idolizes the 16th President Who Passed the 13th Amendment

Published Aug 6, 2023 | 8:19 AM EDT

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Bodybuilder turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger holds firm political beliefs and does not shy away from addressing them publicly. The world knows him as a traditional Republican who believed in the ideologies of former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Ted Roosevelt. Upholding the same Republican beliefs was the great 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln who passed the pioneering 12th amendment of the Constitution. 

Therefore, Arnie’s admiration for the late president stands tall in the star athlete’s luxury abode in Brentwood, California. Just near Arnie’s iconic sculpture, lies three statues of the great former President, as reported by Financial Times. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political idol


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The 76-year-old pro recently participated in an interview with the Financial Times, which shed light on various aspects of his solitary life. Not letting age get into his way of life, the actor has been in full-fledged form ever since he released two consecutive Netflix features in addition to a retrospective photo book. Interestingly, anyone who visits his abode would get a hint of his political affinity towards the Republican party. “Nearby is a bust of Abraham Lincoln, one of three statues of the great American president I have noticed since arriving,” the journalist stated in the source. 


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As per the source, the great statues of Abraham Lincoln stand tall in his garden, just near his own bronze sculpture of his signature pose. With graphic descriptions of his beautiful mansion, the interview revealed that the statues were noticeable from afar. The former bodybuilder once shared that Lincoln is one of his heroes, hence, he kept his sculpture near the front door, per sources. This was to remind him of the great lessons the personality taught the world about equality, freedom, and mutual dignity. 

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Furthermore, in another interview, Arnie firmly stated that he is a “traditional Republican” who believes in the core principles of the party including preserving the environment. He spoke regardless of the new generation of the party that might have altered beliefs. However, even after retiring from the position as Governor, Arnie was firm on supporting the Republicans. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger swears by the Republicans


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After his term as the Governor ended in 2011, having served the state of California for 7 years, he did not return to office. However, he once conceded that he shall always be a Republican by heart and never stop showing support for the same. 

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“I am proud to be a member of the party of Abraham Lincoln. I am proud to be a member of the party of Ronald Reagan”, he stated. Finally done with his political career, Arnie returned to his Hollywood career in 2012. Yet, the actor remains a vocal environmentalist and had also launched his own initiative, Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative. 


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