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Tiyasa Biswas


One take at a time

About me

Tiyasa is a sports writer at EssentiallySports, with a keen focus on ice hockey. She is as fascinated by the speed of the ice hockey players as she is by the surges of the surfers in the high seas. Drawing inspiration from legendary figures like Wayne Gretzky, the iconic GOAT of the Edmonton Oilers, Tiyasa's writing reflects her admiration for the tenacity and grit displayed by athletes in the face of challenges. With a background as a competitive basketball player during her school days, and a deep admiration for Michael Jordan, Tiyasa brings a unique perspective to her sports writing, combining her love for various sports and their icons. For Tiyasa, learning is a constant pursuit, much like the ever-evolving nature of ice hockey. She believes that knowledge is like ice, never melting, and she constantly strives to expand her understanding of the sports world through meticulous research and analysis. She continues to pursue her goal of carving a niche for herself in the American sports arena. Beyond her passion for sports, Tiyasa finds solace in art, and often spends her quiet evenings indulging in artistic pursuits.