“Arnold’s Body on Tom Cruise’s Face”: Natural Bodybuilder’s Striking Resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger Leaves Netizen Stunned

Published 09/24/2023, 8:53 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding era stands out in the history of the sport. The 1977 Pumping Iron documentary enhanced the craze for Arnie’s ripped physique outside the sports arena. Despite the arrival of ripped bodybuilders on the Mr. Olympia stage after the Austrian Oak, fans couldn’t get over the 7x Mr. Olympia’s golden ripped frame. 

The internet is now horrified to witness a bodybuilder with a physique similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fans can’t deny the uncanny resemblance after watching Joel Kellett’s recent clip on YouTube. 

Joel Kellett’s striking bodybuilding traits that match Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Very few bodybuilders could come close to the brilliance of the 76-year-old in terms of ripped physique. The internet hails Arnie’s youngest son to be his bodybuilding heir. However, Kellett’s physique baffled the online fitness community, including YouTuber Brock. 


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If one goes by the channel description of the Australian YouTuber, Brock likes to react to fitness content. So, his latest video depicts Kellett’s bodybuilding physique that can make the viewers recall 1970s Austrian Oak’s physique. “This bodybuilder looks like a natural version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It looks like he’s hopped in a time machine and set it back to 1981,” Brock said in the clip. 

Kellett is a natural bodybuilder who competed in the amateur bodybuilding competition under the ANB (Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Association) and won the event. In the clip, Kellett’s chest, back, triceps, biceps, and even the posing routine resemble that of The Terminator icon. Fans can’t deny the insane similarity of the jacked bodybuilder with the legend as they rushed to the comment section to express their views. 

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Fans React to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s look-alike bodybuilder’s clip


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While fans agreed with the physique resemblance of Kellett, they found his facial features differ from Arnie’s. “Christopher Reeve head, Arnold body. T-800 from Krypton. Now that’s a blockbuster right there,” commented a thrilled fan. While another opined, “Arnold’s body on Tom Cruise’s face.

Now that’s the physique I want,” wrote an inspired bodybuilding fan witnessing the musculature of the 31-year-old. Another user was stunned to notice the similarity and said, “He got a crazy chest just like Arnold.” “He should have played Arnold in the movie about him,” suggested a fan.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique during his bodybuilding prime has inspired many young men to join the bodybuilding arena. However, no other bodybuilder could match the glory of the 7x Mr. Olympia. But the internet is pleasantly surprised to notice Joel Kellett’s resemblance to Arnie. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.


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Etha Bindu Rani is an American sportswriter at EssentiallySports. Being a fitness enthusiast, she considers Ronnie Coleman and Chris Bumstead as her inspirations. Apart from that, Etha is passionate about writing.
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