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Etha Bindu Rani


One take at a time

About me

I am Etha Bindu Rani. My love for the gym and bodybuilding started a few years back, while the urge to write has been in me for a long time. So when I was offered a chance to write inspirational stories about fitness transformation and bodybuilders, I didn?t give it a second thought. My journey as a bodybuilding writer, bringing stories of the discipline, mental strength, and self-belief of the athletes to my viewers, has been very satisfying. But nothing can match the excitement of witnessing the same bodybuilders pose on stage and lift trophies. Hailing from a science background and having written over 700 articles for the division, I am now interested in delving into PED usage in bodybuilding and the detrimental effects it has on those using it. I have started building an authority on the subject, recently crafting an opinion piece on why so many people are risking their lives to look shredded. When I am done writing for the day, I find peace in cooking and praying. Find me at: